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How does a Grotto obtain it's name and what is the criteria?

Originally all Grotto names were to be of Persian character derivation. There is a list of acceptable names at our SC Office. The name selected must be approved by the Grand Monarch.

At this time, there is consideration taken on names relevant to current trends. This issue will be discussed at our 2012 Supreme Council Session in July.

What does IBN SAUD stand for or mean?
If there is no grotto in your state how does one start one?
Do you have a petition?
Do you have an Endowed membership Program?
Email address
How do you join?
What Will I Gain by Joining The Grotto?
How Often Do The Grottoes Meet?
Are The Lodges Called Grottoes?
Did You Say Something About the Prophets Sponsoring a Charity?
Is There Some Sort of Philosophy - A Basic Idea?
Is There a Ritual?
Will You Tell Me More?
When was the Name Adopted ?
How did it Become an Important International Organization?
What was the Formal Name of the Grotto?
What was the Organization Called Originally?
Who Started The Idea?
When Did it Start and Where?
Fun and Frolic?
What are its purposes?
Is this connected with Masonry?
Do you sell mason shoes?
Can you tell us details about the ladies' affiliate organization?
Is there any hazing in the initiation?
Does the Grotto have groups/units to join like the Shrine?
What is an enchanted lantern?
Could you explain the Mokanna head emblem?
What's the fee for re-instatement?
How do I buy an Enchanted Lantern?
What are your 12 commandments?
Are Prince Hall Masons accepted into your organization?
Do you have fundraisers?
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