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Lloyd Fries, PM, Gul Reazee Grotto 2014 Secretary of the Year presented by GM Mitch Weinsting and ES Skip Moerch
Executive Secretary William F. Wears, PGM, Secretary of the Year Award
Monarch Lawrence Buck and his Lady nosin' around
125th Annual Session - Red Tassel party
Newest Grand Captain of the Guard Mike Tomascin and Lady Tammy
125th Annual Session, Columbia, Missouri
More Clowns!
Clowns visit Amrou Grotto for their 100th Anniversary, 2013
A visit from the Azalea Trail Maids
Lady Lois and the Azalea Trail Maids at the 124th Annual Session
Zendah Color Guard open at the 124th Annual Session of the M.O.V.P.E.R.
Zendah Grotto
The Ladies of the Azim Caldron 2014
Azim builds a Cauldron 2014
Prophets and Friends
Islam shares in Goodfellowship
Monarch John Roberts of Azim Grotto receives an Award from GM Thiergart
124th Annual Session, Mobile, Alabama
Deputy Grand Monarch Mitch Weinsting and Grand Monarch Otto Thiergart
124th Annual Session, Mobile, Alabama
Gifts from PGM Rebmann and Liz to GM Thiergart and Lois
124th Annual Grand Monarch's Banquet in Mobile, Alabama
Founding Members circa 1898-1900
Founding Members of M.O.V.P.E.R.

The Grottoes of North America
is a non-profit organization,
dedicated to promoting Goodfellowship,
Friendship, and fun amongst Master Masons.


126th Supreme Council Session, New Orleans, LA

The 126th Annual Session to be held at:

Marriott French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

555 Canal St.

New Orleans, LA  70130

Please be safe in your travels to the beautiful

city of New Orleans, Louisiana!

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